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I’m not what you’d call a seasoned diarist. I am no Sue Townsend however I did live on the same street as her for 7 glorious years of my childhood before my parents reverted to type and receded into the beige and marigold of the countryside. Nevertheless, as a self-professed teacake and a contributing member of the human race I like to think that this blog was somewhat of an inevitability.

After a ridiculous but slightly profitable attempt at becoming an artist and after having my own column in the illustrious Rutland Times newspaper I am now training to be a journalist in Manchester. With my long-term boyfriend, my friends, my push-bike, the gym and wine to occupy me I am very rarely bored and fully intend to live according to the Dylan Moran philosophy of life:

“You should be as alive as you can until you’re totally dead!”


Photoshop is a wonderful thing.

Photoshop is a wonderful thing.


I like to keep the names of those dear to me as discreet as possible, the same goes for those who I know as being litigious (my mother included in both lists respectively) however my subtletey starts to ebb away there.


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  1. 🙂

  2. hi-
    just wanted to make sure it was ok that i used the holly go lightly cat photo from your blog: i discovered it through an images search. i linked your blog into mine: i like yours alot! i have been blogging for almost a year now & about to start two more. blue lights.fake ids.jello shots. is the title and im transforming from a book im writing to a 20something mag. how can i sign up to follow? thnx so much!

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