Christmas approaches and after a turbulant two months life has finally receded back to some kind of improved normality to that from living at home… journalism MA aside, I have got my relationship back.

The last year, living 200 miles apart and seeing eachother once a fortnight or even once in three weeks, we are now seeing one another once a week and we have got our sexlife back to what it used to be – fantastic!

I used to have a bit of a reputation, even before I met A, for being a bit kinky, not moaning about BJs or even back-door escapades. I was never slutty or gave it up quickly, in fact compared to most of the girls I went to school with, I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 18 although I had the usual high-school fumblings and hanky-panky when the opportunity arose… Still, I never threw my body around which is probably why A – the most jealous boy in the world – loves me and still does after the year of sex-drought!

Anyway, I digress… what makes me the happiest girl in the world right now is that my floundering sex-life and affection towards my boyfriend has been fully revitalised and those defunct synapses which sparked those animal urges to be as dirty and naked as possible have been recharged to full capacity! 

One thing which I hadn’t allowed my boyfriend to do in the whole year of living at home (not least because I knew I wouldn’t be able to orgasm listening to my mum making the Sunday morning fry-up) was oral. 

While living at home, and not feeling remotely sexually charged I would feel sorry for A and go down on him. I couldn’t stand him touching my breasts or trying to kiss me during so I would make him do it in the spoon position or doggy-style, that way he couldn’t see that I was not orgasming or even really enjoying it. I put the blame on a lingering yeast infection that made intercourse very painful and living in a home with my family with paper walls and no locks on  the doors.

Oral, once again has become my favourite thing in the world. A is extremely good at it. I know its good though because it gave me my first orgasm – you know when that is because before then you say “I think” because you don’t know. 

He always starts very gently and I talk to him telling him its good and not to stop yet and when its there – he knows me better than I know me which is why it is so perfect. I have no idea how long I take but its not instantaneous – I take much longer than him. He takes between 30 seconds to 7 minutes to come either orally or otherwise. I probably take about 15. The man must have a jaw of iron! I couldn’t do it – thats for sure. 

When I come it is amazing. You can’t compare it to anything except the nice bits of A-class drugs except without the nausea, depression, money, insomnia and scary people. 

For those of you who “think” you’ve had an orgasm and so most likely haven’t… and for those of you who admit to never having orgasmed, here is a rough list of the mixture of things you feel during a very very big orgasm;

Complete euphoria, loving being completely naked, trembling, shallow and rapid breathing, you can feel your own blood coursing around your body, you feel like you’re glowing, you can feel EVERYTHING from the strokes of his tongue to your own gushing fluids to the fibres of the bedsheets, you feel warm and comfortable. And when he finishes (I stroke his hair as a signal), you feel warm and satisfied… and tired!

Now we both have an understanding that neither of us kisses after going down on eachother. Its just icky. In the case of him – I go down on him when I don’t feel like having sex or I am on my period. Most of the time though, I go down on him because I WANT to please him and he gets his hardest orgasms from BJs. When he goes down on me, I always see that he comes in me after. Oral is such a turn on for him and its all so easy and the closeness seals the deal.

I rarely come from missionary sex which is what he likes to do after sorting me out which suits me fine as it is more intimate than some of our other positions which makes the whole sexual operation come to a close very happily. 

Why am I even writing this? Because I am so happy that I’ve got this thing back. A year of not orgasming is a terrible blow to a relationship and I am so pleased I can feel this way again after so long – and my love for A has literally, never been so strong. 

We’ve been together for almost 4 years… we’re both in our twenites and I can’t see a future without him. Think I’m sad? Well you aren’t having as good sex as me then.


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