The House MD Drinking Game

True to form, a new term as a student has encouraged manys an alcoholic headache and to help others such as myself in a new place with lots of new people and an unhealthy obsession with Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of the cynical doctor Gregory House – I give you – The House MD Drinking Game.

The rules are as follows, select at random an episode of House (series’ one to three are preferable), get some friends together each with their own glass of strong drink and obey the following commands together in unison to kick-start your night of debauchery the Princeton Plainsboro way!

Drink one finger of alcohol if any of the following happen:

  • House takes a Vicodin.
  • Anybody says the word LUPUS.
  • House says something sexually inappropriate in Cuddy’s presence.
  • House brings Wilson in for a consult.
  • An LP is being performed.
  • House makes a racist joke at Foreman’s expense.
  • Cameron talks about her feelings.
  • House ridicules Chase (being British/Australian/a pussy).
  • House plays with cane or a ball.
  • House is watching a soap opera.
  • Patient has an MRI scan.

The BIG THREE, drinkers have to down it all if any of the following happen:

  • It’s NOT LUPUS!
  • The team have to INTABATE!
  • House says “YOU IDIOT!”
Enjoy, and always drink responsibly, kids. xxx

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