Shortly after writing my last blog I learned that my boss’s husband who my family have known for 9 years has died in a motor cycle accident. I am devastated for my boss who I feel is like an aunty to me and who has been for me whenever I have had problems both in and out of work. She gave me a job, her boys are best friends with my brothers and now she has to do it alone.

I am absolutely devastated for her and the helplessness combined with numbness and nausea are excruciating. What can I do? 

I had to tell my parents who are very close friends over the telephone on their way to the ferry port for their holiday. Telling your father that his friend has died is a horrible thing to do. Hearing your family in the car just out of discernable earshot is just as bad.

A can’t come, his car has a thing. I have the cat, she’ll do. I can’t believe it. I hope I’ll wake up and everything will be normal and my boss, the wonderful lady that she is, will be happy. I feel like a bomb has gone off and I’m swaggering out of the crater. What can I do? Her children are so young. I’m horrified and so numb.


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