So – I’m on the student breadline. At least I’m not a crack head.

When I go into work tomorrow and I am asked by my least favorite colleague who is always in before me to give me jobs to do even though she has no authority whatsoever, “Have a good weekend?” I shall respond appropriately with “Yeah, you?”

In actual fact this weekend has been one of those where you take a big step back and a deep breath in and go “SHIT! I am am going to be living on the breadline next year!”

Yes, the L word has surfaced once again, my Career Development Loan. Loans in the current financial atmosphere are basically little systems designed to make you miserable and want to kill yourself but like a drug addict searching for crack, it drains the life and soul out of you but life can’t be wangled to work without it. Bollocks. 

In order to fund my journalism degree I need a career development loan which in itself is not such a scary thing as I know I will have a good job at the end of the course and that in the case of a very very dire emergency I am lucky enough to know I can borrow the money from my parents if I am behind on a month’s repayment which will be calculated as something like £120.00. I have been saving 80% of my earnings in a Post Office account to cover living and I have been recording and comparing outgoings and providers for months. 

The process involves calculating your monthly outgoings predicted for your time back on your course. I lived comfortably on £100 a week at university when I was an undergraduate (although I did use my overdraft at the end of term for the big pissups), my calculated monthly outgoings as a postgraduate are more akin to the cost of keeping a family going at around about £800!!!! Thats £100 a week more than I calculated in the first place due to living expenses not being paid for by the Bank of Mum and Dad and the cost of EVERYTHING going up considerably. 

Maybe I’ll just have to face the music and go on the game to pay for my books and live on tap-water. Its amazing when desperation seizes you and notions dipped in insanity start to sound like realistic options. I mean what would I do if I were honestly addicted to crack? I can’t afford crack AND food, books, rent etc on £200 a week! Good thing I’m not a crack addict then isn’t it. 

SO, for all youths in a similar situation who have worked their arses off while living at home and are £15,00.00 in debt from the first loan – I feel your pain. But at least we’re not addicted to crack. 


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