A Levels and a good Degree – what am I doing here?!

Further to my previous post – Sellotaped Together Relationship – I feel it is imperative that I state that maybe, just maybe the inspiration for such an emotionally-driven blog (uncharacteristically so) was perhaps due to a hormone imbalance. I am not making an excuse but I have been a little wobbly recently. I think it must be due to work, I have fallen out of routine because work is all encompassing at the moment, so much so that I haven’t been out on a run or written an article for the paper in a while and the notion that I am a giant sitting in a shoebox at home is becoming more the norm. 

Unfortunately there are lots of young twenty-somethings in the country today who are working from home, putting adulthood on pause while they gather together the funds to fly the nest even though the impulse that nature sets to go off when you do hit 21 or whenever, is bleeping like the alarm clock that just won’t cease! 

We are living in peculiar times, the recession has still not fully shaken my generation I feel because most of us are still living with Ma and Pa and so we are preparing ourselves for a financial world that we will inevitably misunderstand. All the while we are growing angrier because we cannot yet class ourselves as independant and yet we refuse to be treated like children. We still scowl under the “my house, my rules” cliche while being brought cups of tea before work and having our meals cooked for us only for the comfort zone to be given a violent shake when we stay on the phone for too long in the evening. 

I hope that in generalising there is some camaraderie in that our generation are the generation that had to work harder from a young age in examinations only to be criticised by the press that our results were good because our exams had become easier! Better results means more kids going off to uni and more kids with degrees makes having one in the first place seem commonplace and so when a generation of young adults should be embarking on the solid clamber up the career ladder, we are all still temping or waitressing or simply applying for jobs that we won’t get! As a result we live at home. Because of this we have outgrown our box and there’s no bigger one to make into a nest any time soon. 

Its grim but within a couple of years of graduating, that must sought-after financial independence and adulthood that university has primed us for can hopefully be achieved. Nevertheless, thousands upon thousands of pounds worth of debt is a miserable way to start.

My personal bugbear is not just the money or the parental obstacles but the obsoleteness. Fifteen years of education and not a graduate profession at the end of them. Three years of living to your own schedule to become degenerated into a knock-kneed school child who has outgrown the uniform. Missing the constant interaction with people your own age. Missing the freedom to choose for ourselves.

Still, autumn now doesn’t seem so far away and I personally am looking forward to meeting my four flatmates for the first time in Manchester and embarking on a career as a proper Journo.


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