Desert Island Discs

It is strange and unprecedented what inspires a blog entry and tonight was no exception – a mortality on Hollyoaks. As the credits rolled, a rather innocuous indie balad droned before Jon Snow announced what we would expect on the Channel 4 News after the break and at that point I switched to my computer having had quite enough of the real world for one day (besides I will catch up at the News at Ten later). Anyway, I digress. The moaning song made me think about what song I would like played at my funeral and then considering that I wouldn’t necessarily be present to hear it I shuffled the notion around and have been contemplating instead my 8 Desert Island Discs.

I don’t know why 8 but there are usually 8, aren’t there.

It is a delicate art, choosing a D.I.D. as you have to be careful that the song is not only timely but that you will never tire of it. My Savage Garden obsession in my early teens did not withstand the same test of time as my paralleled Blur phaze. Indeed when browsing a BBC news website link on the Have Your Say page regarding D.I.D.s there is a reason that the Beatles kept on cropping up as their music is proving to stand the test of time, similarly with Cindi Lauper and Dusty Springfield. And so, contemplate from the next punctuation mark your own Desert Island Discs as it is sure to tell you a little about yourself or if you are interested then please read on about my own personal choice (there is no prerequisite for taste).

1. Son never shines on closed doors – Flogging Molly (a folky balad by my favourite Irish punk group and is always howling out of my iPlayer when I am feeling sorry for myself).

2. Slow Life – Super Furry Animals (slightly techno and bizarre tune that uplifts me, good walking music, I never get bored of it because it is honestly the best intro to a song in existance).

3. Open Your Eyes – Snow Patrol (one of my favourite bands and the song is uplifting and yet a bit sad and I think I must have quite a melancholy core as I do enjoy music with an edge of heart-ache).

4. Walking After You – Foo Fighters (the best song ever written by the Foo Fighters, again a bit sad but haunting nonetheless).

5. Harder Faster Stronger – Daft Punk (techno and like some quirky army march but I never tire of it when jogging, on the train or working on an article. One of my faves from the ultimate techno band).

6. Prisoners – Regina Spektor (my fave female vocalist and the song is so weird and poetic that I can’t get enough of it, it is kooky and a little sinister – think Kate Bush in a padded cell).

7. Crying – Roy Orbison (the cream of the crop of kareoke songs, I would while away hours of desert island boredom crooning into the middle-distance).

8. Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros (a poignant song that reminds me of the year 2006 where I lost two souls very close to me who I miss sorely and this song still has a profound effect on me that will never extinuish).

So, there you have it, my Desert Island Discs. I daresay that the task was self-indulgent and even a little vain but hey, if you have the luxury of time with your laptop to upload the appropriate songs before you are marooned on a journey around the Islands of the West Pacific then be my guest!


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  1. Savage Garden withstood the test of time for me. I think To The Moon & Back is quite possibly one of the most perfect pop songs written. Have to say I’m loving Darren Hayes’ solo stuff a whole lot too.

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