A Danish Day-Dream

As one holiday recedes into photo-albums and folders of tickets and novel sweetie wrappers and beermats another winks on the horizon.

The thing I love about working and earning money is that you get 20 days of paid annual leave which you cannot take off willy-nilly, you must plan, prepare and allocate them wisely forcing you to take holidays to justify a day off by leaving the country.

So after a hedonistic weekend in Vegas including all of the usual hysterical tourist skits not to mention teasing the natives of Sin City and scowling whenever handing over a $2 tip to some smirking bell-hop – I am now embarking on the joyous labour of love that will be a romantic getaway to Denmark with my other half.

Seven days in a log cabin 1 kilometer from the Baltic Sea in August sounds like bliss after the jet-lag, exhaustion and money-driven spree of the US. Denmark is a country I know quite well from my childhood as my parents used to take us there every summer for at least a fortnight. Very little of our holidays were spent anywhere that money was a necessity having spend glorious weeks dune-hopping and digging holes with my brothers on the white beaches and pigging out on my dad’s home-made frikadaela (pork burgers) and barbecued mackerel on a balmy summer night. To be honest I can hardly wait to introduce A to it all.

I have great plans. We shall rent bicycles and cycle to the local shop for our food each day and then after fixing him up delicious brekafasts of boiled white Danish eggs and sugary pastries we’ll pack a little day-bag and cycle to the creamy beaches and laze in the dunes for hours and hours before the sea air exhausts us and we cycle past the ice-cream shop on the way home for a 2 kugler chocolade ice and a lazy barbecue in the tiger-eye air. Then, to bed after a couple of Fax beers (or maybe even a Carlsberg) and some moonlight snuggling.

I say again – bliss.

I honestly cannot imagine a week better spent. All the time to explore and to think and to enjoy eachothers company whilst not having to worry about vacating a room to be turned-down or have your towels refreshed by a maid you don’t need. A week spent cooking when you want to cook and not worrying excessively about a budget for living! The house is already paid for and the flights have been booked (and in Danish style I have paid our carbon-offset in honour of our otherwise carbon-dieted vacation).

So with August a fair while away the only thing left to do is to dream about it. I guess I have to earn my paid leave days after all I am ditching work in favour of a Masters in October and I know that a bit of knuckeling-dwon will make that herring on rye taste all the sweeter!


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