There’s little gratification in being a domestic godess.

At 6:30am this morning my alarm woke me up and I jumped out of bed, heart pounding and cursing to myself that I couldn’t believe that I forgot that had work today. Moments later I slapped myself on the forehead and remembered that I don’t go to work on Saturdays. I put this momentary panic and devotion to my job down to the pressures of life at the moment which I will not bore you with however when you reach the age that you have a list of things to get done on the weekends and indeed have to plan to get up early on the weekends in order to get all of it done – you’re a tense person indeed.

Will I be one of those women that never sits down in middle age? Not because of piles or anything like that but because of a residual guilt that I could be doing something to improve the house or chasing after the needs of my children. My mother is this woman and although I am self-sufficient and independant (I’m a textbook first-born child), she still chases after me and checks on me… brings me cups of tea.

As my mother is hard-wired this way I have to resolve to be frantic and tireless in my middle age also. Doubtless I cannot sit still, even now, my eyelids are tired and I have had a hellish week and a fraught day and yet I cannot keep my hands still and so have resorted to typing and typing and typing. I look at other women, women with housekeepers and rich husbands and I envy them for their languishing lifestyle however would I be able to do that even if I wanted? Entrust in another person to stack my dishwasher and iron my shirts for me? Not a chance in France.

Along with this exhausting way of life comes satisfaction albeit inward satisfaction as inevitably a mundane task of stacking a dishwasher or ironing the clothes is rarely gratified by the thanks of your family members as most people realise not long after the day that they perrilously volunteer to clean the kitchen.

I am hoping that A, instead of thanking me for the domestic tasks I am destined to perform in our wedded bliss many years from now, will actually do his fair share too! And considering his sensitive tummy and huge appetite I consider his tasks to be at least twice as many as my own.


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