Where will Tatler’s Future Beauties come from?

It takes an exceptionally beautiful woman to be balanced lovingly by Tatler’s expertly manicured and Dead Sea softened hands atop the monumentally iconic Best Dressed list. Agyness Deyn is beauty. Not only beauty, to paraphrase some of my favourite Shakespear, “it will endure wind and weather”. Deyn is not some mincing, touseled, St Barts and Chinawhite alumni but an expressive, exciting and natural tomboy! I don’t know about you but I think she’s really electric!

The fact is that Kate Moss was always on the way out. I don’t doubt that she is a style icon and a woman of undisputed beauty albeit naked and emaciated. The fact is, we need something new! I enjoy the fact that Deyn is not a native of London. It gets so disheartening for the rest of us in search of fame, fortune and beauty when every person you read about lives, eats, breaths and sleeps London. London is unavoidable because the rest of the UK doesn’t shine quite as luminously but even the littlest twinkly lights are bright.

I must say, from my travels in and around the UK, that the most beautiful people as a collective come from Cheshire and Manchester. The Sloan Rangers of London can keep their back-combed hair and Jack Wills; Manchester is so full of young, stylish, non-clone, intelligent people that I am honestly shocked that its own fledgling Manchester Fashion Week has not caught on to the glossy publications yet!

Manchester and Chester are the usual places that I feel underdressed when out for a smoge around the shops as the general mall-based demographic of each town is a generally glamarous one. Leicester, my home town, is less glamarous but there is one social group in particular that is just begging to be explored by some punchy fashion journalist! Young, female Muslims.

They are elegant, manicured, polished and stylish. It is the hair I envy the most as I myself have naturally black hair but I know that no matter how much I condition it I could never make my hair shine in straight, glossy streams like theirs. When queuing at Leicester Station or in line at River Island I always feel like Nora Batty behind the duos and trios of perfectly decorated young women. Nails, eyelashes, toes, jewellery and beautiful hair, urban and articulate. Makies me feel bad that I hardly ever iron my jeans after they’ve been in the wash.

I am not grungy by any means, I have an enormous respect for style, fashion and aesthetics and grungy does not feature regularly in my own style bible. But grungy has evolved, Kate Moss glamorised it, Agyness Deyn twisted it into cool and sharp, maybe now as style for the masses becomes ever more lucrative the Tatler list will have to start featuring those less easily attainable features by delving into the big, cultural make-up bag and having a good rummage in the minorities pocket!


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