Springtime Train of Thought

Spring has sprung and the veritable albatross that has burrowed itself into my roof is getting very excited about it at 6am every morning. Needless to say, my WWF-leanings are slowly evaporating as I draw ever closer to trapping and killing the bloody thing and making it into Sunday dinner!

Dad says it is a nest of starlings. Starlings my ARSE! The birds I am hearing have the wing span of a Harrier Jump Jet at least! They sound like some demonic presence scuttling around the loft space.

I am going to investigate further today, if there are eggs then I am not going to take any action because that is cruel. If there aren’t eggs then I don’t know what to do because it is still cruel to move their home. I’ll just have to accept sleep depravation on the weekends which is still preferable to guilt…. although I do believe there is a line.

Onrothology aside, I am off to Vegas in less than 20 days and I am fatter than I have ever been in my life. Sitting pool-side like a beached beluga is not my style. I blame the slow delivery of my now repaired iPod… it is in transit (apparently)… I have just got so fed up with jogging to the MP3 because I’ve got bored with the selection and thus bored with jogging. I am currently on a quest to find jeans that are not kick-flared that will make me look tall and slim whilst avoiding the over-stuffed-sausage look.

Its a tricky one but considering I wear jeans more than I wear knickers.

It is times like this that on reflection I am a little pleased that the extent of my worries this week are jeans and having a nest of starlings in residence. I mean I have had weeks where I have been worried about my future, my career, my course, having no money, my relationship, my friends, my family… Granted this week my boss took me out for coffee to ask if everything was ok… I snapped at a colleague and at a client which is very out-of-character for me. I all honesty I am having serious doublts about my realtionship at the moment but I am really hoping to be proven wrong. It won’t be the first time. My boss told me she wants me to be swept away, not waiting and waiting and waiting. But if I ended it with A – I love him, I would miss him. That is worth so much.

So I will not disrupt the starlings shacking up in my roof because I would hate to attack a sweet union in the spring time and for now, unless some bigger force jogs my own relationship, I shall remain in the nest I have been dilligently constructing for three years.


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