Gambling for Umbrellas

Growing up is all about managing your own money, checking your account balance, spending what you can afford and saving all you can. Money is boring but it has to be respected, an ISA is not for spending on your first Jimmy Choos or that holiday to Hawaii when it is going to pay for your first deposit on a house (in the UK for a person of my age this is a highly unlikely ambition as none of us are going to be able to even afford to dream about berber carpets let alone bricks and morter but hey). At the moment I am working my arse off trying to afford several thousands of pounds of tuition fees, save thousands more for living and rent and am saving and saving and begging my bank to give me a career development loan.  Boring. So anyway, that is why I have bought multiple lottery tickets tonight. Maybe it is the gorgeous flats I have been surfing for, maybe it is the longing in my bones for a holiday with sand and surf, or maybe its the Pinot Grigio but either way I have spent 3.1% of a daily wage on gambling tonight. Ugly eh? Or maybe I’m just warming up for Vegas! Which is in 27 days. 27 days and I shall be in the Nevada desert, wearing that silk scoop-neck dress that I am yet to buy with those silvery-nude wedges I am yet to get delivered, sipping a cocktail and pulling a slot lever. Of course a humble PA of my particular salary and circumstances could NEVR afford a trip like this one unless my boss were paying for travel, board and evening meals  and for that I am utterly astonished and grateful however you can’t go to Sin City and not have a flutter! Mine will just be a conscientious, modest, sliiiightly-poor flutter involving slots. Not exactly Casino Royale but it’ll work for me. But I suppose its kind of like being handed a Golden Ticket to see Wonka’s chocolate factory and not being able to revel in the gluttony because you’re a diabetic. This is not too much of a bad thing. The diabetic uses their will-power – they don’t have a fit. The graduate sticks to a budget – she can afford her tuition fees.  However, the lottery tonight may just give me an extra £10 – that’s an extra two cocktails right there! I’d pick cocktails with umbrellas over the roulette wheel any evening. You know where you stand with a cocktail, you’re down and then you start spinning and not the other way around like with roulette. 


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  1. Hi,
    Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow…..

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