The Acid! It BURNS! But I look so good…

I am a frequenter of the Sk:n clinic in Leicester’s Royal Infirmary as I decided last year that it was ridiculous dealing with acne at 21!

I am of Celtic/Greek origin and so I am unlucky enough to have sensitive, pale skin with an oily t-zone. I have suffered from acne since I was about 11 (puberty) and to be honest last year was when the pock-marks started to burrow their way into my cheeks and thus prompting me to take action. Pock-marks, spots, open pores and greasy skin even after tubes and tubes of lotions and potions, and pills and tablets, washes, astringants – its enough to tire a girl out and fork out vast sums of money to resolve all her problems in a surgery.

Sk:n Clinics are like little surgeries from heaven. You can take off your make-up revealing every blemish and scar and not feel so hideous after all. They’ve seen it all before. Its not like a beauty salon where primmed and shiny fashionistas who look gorgeous with no make up on at all even at the age of 50 go for a pamper, its kosher, its honestly trying to help.

I had about three Microdermabrasion sessions before my beautician decided they weren’t doing enough and so the last two times I have been, I have been painted with acid.

Glycolic Acid Peels are adjusted according to your skin type. Being of a milky complexion myself, the dosage is relatively small as my skin is very pathetic and translucent. Or at least last time it was small. This time my beautician went all out and painted my face quite liberally with what felt like lava.

“Oh dear, you look a bit like a beetroot,” was a telling clue (ignoring of course what felt like an iron ball studded with shards of glass rolling over my face).

I would love to say I am cured but I would rather be honest. My face still has bumpy bits and spots but I would say yesterday’s treatment has had some visible effect. I have no pimples on my forehead, no oily sheen in my nose or chin, less dimply pock-marks.

I am ecstatic! Any vain acne sufferer would love to see some improvement after years of trying everything and achieving nothing.

I know it’s daft, I have a boyfriend who finds me attractive, friends, I am not too hideous once my make-up is on but the idea that I could go swimming or running without make-up on is big on my wishlist. Acne is a miserable affliction, it drives people to tears and kills people’s self-confidence. I am lucky enough to have grown out of the stuff on my chest and back, maybe I’ll be lucky enough to burn my skin off revealing a pure, blemishless layer underneath. n Clinic (


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  1. I’m fortunate to not have such problems, being a bloke too. However I do have psoriasis and can relate strongly to the issues of self-confidence and my own perception of my skin problems. It can create an incredible sense of paranoia at times although my psoriasis has been held at bay the past year or so.

    My condition appeared when I was in primary school, must have been about 8 or 9 years old and it didn’t really bother me so much then. As I grew older and hit puberty it did become an issue of self-confidence, vanity, insecurity and other mental challenges. I have to apply creams every night, have a shower in the morning to wash off the ointments and then apply cream immediately after coming out of the shower or my psoriasis can look terrible.

    I need to explore proper treatments for my condition but haven’t done because I’ve managed to keep it under control. It is an uncomfortable affliction but, probably similar to your own problems, you just have to get on with it and not let it pull you down. Cliche I know, but it’s the only way.

  2. am 35.
    I suffered from acne, since the age of 11. My problem was a consequence to my monthly cycle and the breakouts occur the week before starting my cycle.
    The increased level of sebum secretion was related to hormonal changes during the cycle, perhaps a rise in testosterone at midcycle. In my specific condition only a endocrinologist with special expertise in female hormone problems is been successful with Diane-35, a drug used to treat severe, stubborn acne.
    Suddenly my cystic acne had left many bad injury on my cheeks.My dermatologist has improved my skin’appearance with a 70% glycolic acid treatment.
    Now, still have a few lesions , but nothing like it used to be.
    My skin is clear and the level of sebum is normal.

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