John, Jonathan or Johnny?

Sadly, there is a general pattern in the movie stars that I fancy… they all seem to have the whole John thing going on. Isn’t John a funny name? Sorry, its only because I’ve been writing that word more than I am used to that it gets me to thinking how odd a word it is.

Anyway, we have the top three of my celerbity unhealthy crushes and rather predictable Johnny Depp is one of them. Not just Jack Sparrow… oh no, I was on the Johnny Depp bandwagon loooong before even Edward Scissorhands (for the Emos out there). I’m talking Jump Street, kids. The 80s. Oh yerss. Its the eyes… those brown, smouldering eyes. And the lips… pouting and petal-like. And the edge of mystery, a hint of sadness and a teaspoon of insanity. Maybe its just pure animal attraction but WOOF WOOF! Vanessa Paradis is a very lucky lady.
Johnny Depp
Oh yes, he is a sex god. A Thinking Woman’s sex god.

Now onto delicious, tasty man number 2. Jonathan Rhys Myers. As in Henry VIII of the Tudors. It may just be his very topless and cross portrayal of a powerful monarch of the olden days but all those steamy scenes get the mind racing and the heart pumping. Those lovely strong arms and that brooding snarl like a restless tiger. Jonathan’s personal life is quite hazardous but hazard is attractive, isn’t it?
Jonathan Rhys Myers
Yummy, especially when he demonstrates his deftness with the unravelling of a corset.

And finally, my retro addition to my favourite movie-stars. It has to be John Travolta. The man has sex appeal and none of my friends understand but he’s gorgeous! He can dance, he can tell a joke and he can charm your pants off. He’s a pilot! Good God and we all know that pilots are sexy! Scientology aside, he is a brilliant catch. Bad-boy made good and more cuddly now than in his youth but no less appealing. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed if he materialised next to me in the middle of the night.
John Travolta
I’ve got chills! They’re multiplying!

So ends my rather sad blog on celebs that I fancy. I feel quite dirty now…


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