Sauvignon-Blanc, Salford, Spaying

Friday evening with a Sauvignon-Blanc and the iTunes on shuffle is always a nice moment to savour.

I have had a fairly busy week, I spent the weekend in Manchester getting hideously drunk with A’s mates and ended up basically plastered. My liver hates me so much… I don’t feel proud, I feel bloody stupid but hey. Half a bottle of Pinot Grigio, 6 double vodka and cokes, a half pintof lager, a tequila slammer and half a pint of Guinness and black later and I was basically a corpse. A very happy corpse until the morning when the vomitting started… And didn’t stop…

It must have stopped eventually as that was Sunday morning and I managed to hoof myself back UP to Manchester on Tuesday for a night over in the Ibis on Portland in prep for my Journalism interview the following day at Salford.

The interview was booked for 12 noon. I got there after negociating my change from the taxi driver and ended up in a very dingy waiting room with a lovely girl who I chatted to. Two boys came in after me. I sussed that my only real competition was the other girl who to be honest was really nice and in another life we would perhaps have been friends. So Mr Big Cheese comes in and sits us down in a seminar room and tells us to write down SIX ideal journalistic qualities… A lot easier to think about now. But in the circumstances I would sooner have taken off all my clothes and paraded around in my knickers if I thought it would give me a sporting chance. And of course we go round the room so I am LAST! So I have NO qualities left that haven;t already been listed (and I am fairly certain that the boy next to me took some of my own qualities written down for his own use). So anyway I think I said – a good mind for names and faces, questioning nature and open mind. Urgh. Grizzly answers aren’t they?

After a five minute coffee break (and after noticing Private Plagarism next to me sweating like an Al Quaeda bomber in a Sunday School) we had to then talk about ourselves. None had any obvious work experience apart from me but then the question was raised by Big Cheese, “So, you went to a private school?”
GENIUS! “But I was lucky enough to be awarded an Art Scholarship in order to help my parents fund my education.” SCORE!
All true of course, but details one can forget after a lifetime in parentally-funded education.
Anyway, the nice girl and me walked back ot the station together, chatted, wished eachother good luck and parted. I wish her all the best, really I do. A worthy adversary.

So I have interview Mark II on Wednesday. Wish me luck.

I have been at work the rest of the time and did my thing at another Private View tonight and now am knackered so I am tempted to drinkt he rest of my wine in front of the telly while stroking my gorgeous cat who was spayed today.

Never a dull moment.


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